AB and NW: Genesis 18:25 – 19:10

The Atheists, The Bible and No Wardrobe Podcast. With @Packard_Sonic & @Ryoki9Walker

We cover Genesis 18:25 – 19:10









Download AB and NW: Genesis 18:25 – 19:10 Mp3

2 thoughts on “AB and NW: Genesis 18:25 – 19:10”

  1. OH no! I ate the calamari. I wondered why it was so soft. In this context “righteous” refers to those who believe the same things god’s BFF believes. The many, many questions that are inspired by the story gives you some idea why the “righteous” do not ask any questions. “Listen and Believe” as Anita Sarkeesian would say.

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  2. I was horrified and disgusted when I first read this story and many readings never changed that disgust. It demonstrated to me that the “morality” of this god and his BFF is utterly immoral.

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