About Packard Sonic

Hello everyone! For anyone that actually stumbled here to this page or made here on purpose, I’m Packard Sonic, the host of another podcast called, Packard Pokes At. People often ask me: “Why are you an atheist?” At one time, I was actually a believer. Like most people that have religious family’s you “adopt” your parents religion, which at one time was Lutheran. However, it wasn’t really practiced in the family. We were exactly regular “church goers” by any means.

Then as they say; “Life happens”, and was pretty much moved in the middle of nowhere and with the limited number of people to talk to and was befriended by someone that was at least a lot less of an asshole than the relatives through marriage that were in the area at the time I had to deal with. Which got me involved with another religion… Pentecostal.

This wasn’t the typical snake handling brand that is found in may areas today, but the people seemed somewhat nice (or so I was lead to believe anyway). It was in its own way more entertaining that trying to pull in one of three channels on the TV set and stuck in the middle of nowhere and it was something to do. That’s where they get you. When you are alone and needing someone. To them it seems to be a good thing they are doing, but its actually quite insidious if you really think about it. Preying on someone when they are the most vulnerable.

I actually paid attention, but again, life happens and moved away from that area. Little did I know or realize at the time, that was probably the best thing to have happened. I tried to hold on to my beliefs and I had been challenged multiple times and with my ego thinking that with the little I learned, I should be more than a match for anyone. Boy, was I wrong. That’s when I decided to take a break from religion. No leave it (that would come later), but take a break from it.

Fast forward a few years of doubts building in me at every turn and my life situation dramatically changing yet again and doing some web browsing (now that it was available to me). I stumbled across an atheist website with some rather interesting videos. They were asking some hard questions that I didn’t have answers to and never told why. Just the same old pat answer of “God will either say, yes, no, or wait.” which for me isn’t an answer, but a way to just either avoid answering the question or give a hard question an answer that was easier to go to.

The way it was presented to me made sense. There was real logic behind what they were saying and a good answer is way better than “Well, it’s a mystery” type of answer.

Since then, I have been on a long road of learning and growing as a person in ways I didn’t expect. That was the best part of it. Constant learning. Feeding my questions with solid answers and challenging me at every turn.

Religious people think that the way to knowledge and joy is thought one book with an easy path. Just believe… And that’s your whole answer to everything. How unsatisfying for someone, unless they are intellectually lazy. The greater joy is being challenged and working through the mire to achieve the goals you set for yourself and to really question what you think you know and learn from it.