About The Atheists, The Bible, and No Wardrobe Podcast

Hello everyone and welcome to The Atheists, The Bible, and No Wardrobe Podcast where we will be reading a book that a lot of people claim to know, but haven’t read. Myself Packard Sonic and Practical Magic 9 will not only be reading this fine dusty book, but actually studying it as we do.

Faith is not required, but an open mind and a strong stomach to deal with the bullshit contained within the pages of this over 2000 year old book of craziness.

So join us on our misadventure into the world of superstition and weird thinking by people too dead to say “You’re reading it wrong!” at us.

One thought on “About The Atheists, The Bible, and No Wardrobe Podcast”

  1. Connie “Practical Magic 9” here! Doing the math and as of January 2016 I’ve been an atheist for 9 years now. Prior to that I had been raised in the Christian faith and became a “Born Again” believer at the age of 13. Frankly, I am still shocked that I extricated myself from belief in God at all.

    My lack of hubris about the veracity of the Bible was probably part of that undoing for me, but I credit the patient love of my eldest son’s questions about God most. He was able to get me to realize that the Bible is only proof to those already convinced and my testimony was only true for my own mind. From 2001-2006 I sought to prove the Bible a historical document and the existence of God to him but my research only convinced me in the end that neither is true. That morning in January I was reading Genesis 1 and 2 aloud to my two youngest children and I realized what utter horse pucky it was. These passages made no sense. Most important to me was without a LITERAL Genesis story there was no Original Sin and NO need for a Saviour (the foundation of Christianity.)

    To become a skeptic is as simple as reading the Bible. Easy? Well, that might be a harder nut to crack but I have hope that if one reads with no preconceived notions you will discover it’s just a fantastic fairy tale written by ignorant people afraid of their own mortality and wanting to believe they are special.

    It harms people to believe with no proof, and THAT is why this project is important: Reading the Bible at face value without the assumption that God exists is what will free people’s minds.


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